theo and the lion

a thoughtful story about theo’s dream of independence and friendship

Theo yearns for the excitement of the outside world, but what’s really out there? Join him on a series of fanciful misadventures through his unpredictable imagination. With help from Angelie, a toy lion and an imaginary bird, Theo prepares himself for his first big journey into the great unknown.

Inspired by Pamela Allen’s much-celebrated book A Lion in the Night, Patch brings Theo’s dreamworld to life.

It’s a place where a typewriter, turntable and umbrella send messages into the sky; a place where a curious soup is concocted from milk, cabbage and smelly socks; a place where everything is strangely familiar, yet delightfully surprising and quirky.

Exploring the emotional push and pull on the path to independence, Theo and the Lion is insightful, inventive and entertaining. Told largely through images, it’s a genuinely thoughtful production, guaranteed to capture the imagination.