the moon's a balloon

who knows if the moon's a balloon ...
coming out of a keen city in the sky ...
filled with pretty people?

ee cummings

A balloon can be a friend to play with or a maker of friendships. It can hold its breath for days and disappear in an instant. It can make your hair stand on end and fill you with laughter. A balloon can be something loved or something lost; something shared or something broken. Is the moon a balloon? It can be. A balloon can be anything you want it to be.

The show was inspired by a poem by ee cumings called The Moon’s a Balloon, which suggests that amazing possibilities can come from the simplest of things. We played with white balloons in all sorts of sizes and configurations to see what images we could make. We found that balloons could be many things. Through our exploration and play, we learnt how to get on together, how to make meaning together and how to discover whole worlds of possibility together. Just like children when they play – the objects our play were the glue that allowed our relationships and creative outcomes to evolve. So that is what our show has become – a visual-theatre production that celebrates through our engagement with balloons, the possibilities of play, the making of friendships and the wonder of creation.

One of the underlying themes of the show is that all sorts of possibilities reside in the simplest of things. Simple white balloons, two performers and a musician can through exploration, play and a search for meaning, give rise to a rich variety of composition, beauty, laughter, wonder, joy and story. The show represents the way children play – the way they can imagine and invent so creatively with so little. We live in a cluttered world of complexity, sophistication and gadgetry yet the cardboard box or the simple balloon are still the most loved and utilised objects in children’s play – perhaps because they’re elemental. They can be anything a child wants them to be.


Watch a 3 minute sampler of The Moon's a Balloon

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