the moon's a balloon

who knows if the moon's a balloon ...
coming out of a keen city in the sky ...
filled with pretty people?

ee cummings

A balloon can be a friend to play with or a maker of friendships.
It can hold its breath for days and disappear in an instant.
It can make your hair stand on end and fill you with laughter.
A balloon can be something loved or something lost; something shared or something broken.

A balloon can be anything you need it to be.

Exploration, play and invention are at the heart of the way children make friends. The Moon's a Balloon celebrates balloons, play and friendship in a visual-theatre-fest of music, image, light and story that will delight and insprire the hearts and minds of 4-8 year olds and their carers.

All sorts of possibilities reside in the simplest of things.

Watch the show trailer here