Mr McGee and the Biting Flea presents six of Pamela Allen’s best-loved stories in a theatre adaptation that is inspired by children’s play and found objects.


Six whimsical stories by award- winning children’s writer, Pamela Allen, are presented in this surprising, charming, funny and frenetic production. 


The stories emerge from dozens of suitcases and crates as three curious warehouse workers transform a storeroom into enchanting little miracles of music and play.

Children are delighted as cows appear from sliding doorways, balloons become heads and ducks float up in wells.


Mr McGee And The Biting Flea Trailer


For 4-8 Year Olds

50 Minutes

Theatre Performance

The performance held a theater full of kindergarten hopefuls in rapt attention.
— Minneapolis Herald




What The Critics Are Saying

“A wonderful experience for children emphasising the magic of theatre. Beautifully performed, Mr McGee and the Biting Flea wistfully evokes an innocent, handmade and literally playful era of storytelling and song that contrasts with our own age of electronic nannying via TV and DVD. Timothy Sexton’s lovely tuneful music – the show is performed mostly in song – ranges from bluegrass to mock opera.”

Mr. McGee and the Biting Flea at Children’s Theatre Company of Minneapolis is a simple valentine to theatrical imagination. It is rare to see a show that leaves an avid theatergoer wanting more. Mr. McGee does.”

“The performers have a packed house in their thrall. The songs work, the stories unfold effortlessly and Pamela Allen’s chiming cadence has its hypnotic effect.”

What You’re Saying

“One of the best works of children’s drama I have ever attended. We’ll be back! “
Joanna King, Year One Coordinator

“I have been attending this festival for numerous years and I would rate this production as one of the best ever for young children. The parents who accompanied us were stunned that such a professional show could be created for young children - they were amazed.”
Mary Stuhmck, Out of the Box Festival




Adapted from six children’s picture books by Pamela Allen

Dave Brown

Dean Hills

Lighting Designer
David Green

Original Cast
Paul Blackwell
David Pidd
Astrid Pill


National Helpmann Award for Best Children’s Theatre 2008.

Adelaide Critics Circle Award for Innovation 2007.

Australian Performing Arts Centre’s National Drovers Award for Touring Excellence 2007.

For Presenters

A selection of show information and marketing resources are available for presenters to download as PDFs for planning purposes.

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The show has been performed to well over 100,000 children around Australia and in the US.

2019 NZ Tour
Capital E’s own New Zealand Tour.

2014 National Tour
31 venues, New Zealand License .

2013 Adelaide Festival Centre School Holidays Season.

2011 Adelaide Season
SA Regional Tour.

2010 US Season
Minneapolis, 41 Performances