Can You Hear Colour?

A Patch Theatre Company Production in Association with Adelaide Festival

A kaleidoscopic opera for children.

What if your paint box sang to you? To some, the key of C major is red, to others definitely white. It's commonplace to talk about a 'colourful' score, but for some it's literally true. What if you were born with this strange gift? Would your paintings harmonize agreeably or turn into a scary brown discordant mess? And how would you feel if the colours on the notes of your xylophone were 'wrong'?

Patch Theatre Company's new piece, conceived by Naomi Edwards and composed by Alan John, is an exploration of what music is and an invitation to take time to listen and learn from those who inhabit unfamiliar worlds, and experience life in new ways.

Can You Hear Colour? is an operatic visual poem that promises to delight children, 4+ and their families. Weaving together children's love of colour and music, this sensory adventure celebrates the unique way we each see, hear and share our world.

Featuring the splendid vocals of Michaela Burger (Rumpelstiltskin) and Bethany Hill (Saul).
You'll come out humming the rainbow.

Premiere 2018, National Tour 2019


Collaboratively created by Naomi Edwards, Alan John, Kathryn Sproul, Ben Flett, Michaela Burger and Bethany Hill with Nathan O'Keefe, Tim Overton and Chris Petridis.
Director Naomi Edwards
Composer Alan John
Designer Kathryn Sproul
Lighting Designer Ben Flett
Performers Michaela Burger, Bethany Hill, Alan John
Creative Development Contributers Michaela Burger, Bethany Hill, Tim Overton, Nathan O’Keefe, Sally Hardy and Chris Petridis
Research Associate Associate Professor Anina Rich, Synaesthesia Research Centre, Macquarie University
Michaela Burger, Performer
Bethany Hill, Performer
Alan John, Composer, Performer
Ben Flett, Lighting Designer
Kathryn Sproul, Designer
Naomi Edwards, Director

Adelaide Festival GP Season

9th March 2018
6pm- AC Arts Main Theatre
10th March 2018
1pm & 3:30pm- AC Arts Main Theatre
11th March 2018
11am & 2pm- AC Arts Main Theatre

School Season AC Arts

13th March 2018
1030am & 1:00pm- AC Arts Main Theatre
14th March 2018
10:30am & 1:00pm- AC Arts Main Theatre
15th March 2018
10:30am & 1:00pm- AC Arts Main Theatre

ABC Radio, Afternoons with Sonya Feldhoff: Interview with Naomi Edwards