Me And My Shadow

The fanciful escapades of a girl making friends with her shadow.

Children love to play with shadows, but making friends with your shadow can be a tricky business. There are things to sort out, problems to solve, adventures to have and laughter to be shared.

Me And My Shadow is a gentle magical visual poem for children, using paper, light, shadow, colour, water, music, sound and words to create a world of play where the imagined becomes real. With fantastical imagery, quirky physical performances and an intriguing score, Me And My Shadow ignites the imagination in a poetical experience that explores the trials and joys of friendship.

2018 Toured to China, performing 12 shows over two weeks to 4224 people. Performing in Beijing at
the National Centre for the Performing Arts and in Changsha at the Changsha Concert Hall.

Winner, Helpmann Award for Best Presentation for Children in 2011
Winner, Victor Award for Best Showcase Production IPAY 2013
Nomination, Sydney Theatre Award 2011 Best Production for Children

New Victory New York, JF Kennedy Centre in Washington, 2 USA tours 2013 & 2015, SA Regional Tour, Sydney Opera House and Arts Centre Melbourne 2011, National Tour 2012.


Collaboratively created by Zoë Barry, Dave Brown, Geoff Cobham, Roz Hervey, Nathan O’Keefe, Astrid Pill and Bob Weatherly
Composer Zoë Barry
Lighting and Set Designer Geoff Cobham
Remount Director Naomi Edwards
Original Cast Nathan O'Keefe, Astrid Pill
China Tour Cast Sarah Brokensha and Nathan O'Keefe
Stage Manager Bob Weatherly
Sarah Brokensha
Nathan O'Keefe
Naomi Edwards
Bob Weatherly

For a copy of the Chinese press release, please click on this link.