Home Tour Wrap Up

September 8th, 2022

Home has completed its premiere SA tour, wowing audiences across the state. This interactive performance for 4–10 year olds had audiences drawing, dancing, playing and screaming with joy. We had an absolute blast sharing this new work with South Australian children, teachers and families.

  • Six South Australian towns

  • Over 9,000 attendees

  • 175 audience participants

Fun Home facts

  • The snail in Home is called Cynthia (named by the cast).

  • SA audience danced for 105 minutes during Home

  • The helmet in the show was a gift to our Artistic Director Geoff by our Maker in Residence Maddog following The Lighthouse premiere in 2020

  • There were 1,050 seconds of rocket flight throughout the season

  • During the tour the yellow door was opened 700 times on stage

"Perfectly encapsulates the world of children’s play, with the colour and sparkle amped up."

– Kiddo Mag

“We loved the show! Inclusive, creative, interactive, inspirational and visually stunning.”

– Teacher

“The giant snail was amazing!!”

– Student

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