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Patch Theatre provide engaging and educational theatre experiences to children – for many children, a Patch performance is their introduction to the world of theatre.

Last year we expanded our artistic vision and now offer interactive installations and a range of in-school art experiences with our program Spark. This is in addition to our successful design-led, in-theatre work. Watch the video below to hear about the impacts of our new artistic program.

Expanding on our in-theatre program, our installations literally put children at the centre of an art experience, which has been Patch’s guiding principle since 1972! Additionally, our in-school program allows us to interact with teachers and students in a more collaborative and intimate way. 

“You can feel that the schools are benefitting from this program [Spark] to bring theatre to far flung places. It's a highlight of my professional career to be involved.” – Performer Stephen Sheehan

In 2022, this expanded program was experienced by 56,394 children and families across 42 venues – double the audience from the year before. However, continuing to deliver this expanded program while keeping ticket prices low is increasingly challenging. We need your help to keep school ticket prices accessible for all children.

“I had the pleasure of going 3 times. Each time was amazing! I appreciate our children having the opportunity to experience this beautiful and engaging piece of art! I think every school in the area should see it!!” – Regional Teacher (ZOOOM)

We are incredibly grateful for any donation you can provide. Your support will enrich the lives of children in regional areas, offer engaging employment opportunities to artists, and create magical first-time theatre experiences.

“This is the best day of my life!” Child, age 7
“One of the best performance I have taken my students to. The connection to the audience was fabulous and if ZOOOM was coming back to country areas I would not hesitate to take my class again.” Regional Teacher
“Deeply pleased the company is still with us. It is such a significant part of South Australia’s creative life and entry route to creative experiences for young people and artists.” Arts Reviewer
“I didn't like it... I LOVED it!” Child, age 5


With support from FWH Foundation and an anonymous Foundation.

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