Patch ZOOOMing to the US & Canada

February 21st, 2023
ZOOOM, photo Matt Byrne

Our multi-award-winning theatre work ZOOOM is set to wow family audiences in US and Canada on its first international tour from March to June 2023. 

ZOOOM is an immersive theatre work for 3–10 year olds which tells the story of a sleepless child who goes on an imaginary adventure throughout the universe. Inspired by iconic children’s book Harold and The Purple Crayon, ZOOOM uses original music, lasers, and projections, to bring the audience on an adventure to help a lost star find its way home.

Patch Artistic Director Geoff Cobham says “ZOOOM explores the universal childhood experience of imaginary adventures and brings children along on a journey. Children’s ability to suspend disbelief and the scale of their imagination fascinate me and I know it is important to nurture and honour that through the arts.”

Original cast members and creatives Temeka Lawlor and Angus Leighton reunite on the tour, accompanied by Touring Company Manager Briony Hunt, Technician Alex Hatchard and Assistant Stage Manager Liam Ormsby.

Touring Company Manager Briony Hunt says “We absolutely cannot wait to return to international touring and to share the magic of ZOOOM with new audiences. This performance is unique in its ability to engage young children, inviting them to interact with the show – the feeling in the audience is electric, especially during the dance party sequence!”

Children are invited to ‘bring a piece of dark’ to the show which will be exchanged for their own personal light in the foyer. This light not only keeps children safe in the dark theatre but allows them to interact with the show. The light changes colour based on the children’s actions and the activity on the stage, giving children the feeling that they are in control of the show.

Highlights of the tour include an already sold-out season in Kalamazoo and a season at Vancouver International Children's Festival. See tour dates below.


US & Canada Tour

6–10 Apr 2023 – Kalamazoo, USA – Comstock Community Auditorium

14–15 Apr 2023 – Millersville, USA – Winter Center, Millersville University

26 Apr – 7 May 2023 – Winnipeg, Canada – Manitoba Theatre for Young People

11–14 May 2023 – Ottawa, Canada – Ottawa Children's Festival

9–22 May 2023 – Toronto, Canada – Fleck Dance Theatre

30 May – 4 Jun 2023 – Vancouver, Canada – Vancouver International Children's Festival