Paper City

An indoor craft activity as large as your imagination. Create one building or make an entire city with people, castles, bridges, trees and more.

You Will Need:

paper / cardboard / boxes / glue or stickytape / textas / scissors / Blu Tack

How to:

  1. Make a background for your city – what colour is the sky? Are there any trees?

  2. Use boxes to make buildings – you could cut holes for windows or draw windows with people and furniture inside.

  3. Stick your background on a wall with Blu Tack and put your buildings in front of the background.

  4. Keep building your paper city – what is missing? You might add another building or a park, maybe even some people.

Additional Activities

  • Conduct a tour of your paper town

  • Create a performance set in your paper town.

  • Add something new to your town each day – a tree, a shop, a person

  • Ask your friends and family what they like about the town/city that they live in – interview someone who lives in a different town to you.

Questions to Discuss and Research

  • How many people live in your house? How many people do you think live in your street? How many people live in your town/city?

  • What makes you like a particular town/city?

  • What did your city/town look like before your street was built?

  • Who are the traditional owners of the land that you live on?

Need Some More Inspiration:

See what cities others have made!

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