ZOOOM Character Activities

Colour in ZOOOM alien characters, design your own alien and make your alien move!

There are lots of imaginary aliens in ZOOOM!

There are lots of imaginary aliens in ZOOOM!

Zooom Alien Colour in

You can colour in these characters to bring them to life!


Design Your own Zooom Alien

Get out your pencils, paper and your imagination and create your own alien.

ZOOOM animations by Luku at Kuku Digital

Questions to ask

  • How does your alien travel? Do they walk, crawl, fly?

  • Does your alien have friends? Do they look similar to their friends or do they look very different?

  • What does your alien eat?

  • Is your alien scared of anything?

Further Activities

  • Write a story about your alien character.

  • Draw a picture of the world that your alien lives in.

  • Make a theatre show poster for a show that your alien is in – look at some theatre and movie posters online for inspiration.

  • Animate your character (see below)

Animate Your Character

Using the phone/iPad app FlipaClip animate your character.

Watch FlipaClips how to video to get started, draw your character and then follow our simple animation (steps below) or find your own technique!

1. Once you are happy with your character, copy the slide with the copy icon (circled above)
2. Paste this slide to the right with the right paste icon (circled above)
3. Use the lasso tool (highlighted in pink) to select part of your image that you want to move. Move it slightly. Tip – the top pink dot turns your selection. Repeat steps 1–3.
4. To add some extra whole body movement lasso your whole character and move a teeny tiny bit – repeat in each slide.

5. Press play!

Inspiration – Watch ZOOOM Characters Come to Life

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