Mirror Mirror

A kaleidoscope of infinite possibility

Created by Patch Theatre for WOMADelaide’s KidZone, Mirror Mirror takes you into the heart of a disco ball and lets you flip the light switch, literally. Step inside an intimate dome where every surface is a gleaming mirror. Journey to infinity and back as you gaze into the present, check-in with yourself and get lost in a kaleidoscopic dream.

“Mirror Mirror was an absolute winner with my little five and six year olds. I literally could not drag them out of there!” Play & Go
All Ages
Interactive Installation
“We can ask Santa for this” Child
“This is my dream” Child


Geoff Cobham Creator
Michelle 'Maddog' Delaney Creator
Seana O'Brien Fabric Wizard


CD Rainbow Activity Make a magical rainbow on the wall using a CD
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Premiere Season (2022) WOMADelaide, SA


The development of this interactive installation work would not be possible without our partners