Flying Mirror Bird

You will need

  • Handheld mirror

  • Face-paint or make-up

  • Torch

How to

1. Draw a bird or another creature on your mirror using face-paint, lipstick, eyeliner or another removable paint.
2. If you have a double sided mirror, draw another bird or creature on the other side.
3. Shine torch on your mirror and reflect onto the wall.

4. Move mirror around to send your bird or creature on an adventure around the room.

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How Does it Work?

The light from the torch light is reflected onto the wall from the mirror. The paint on the mirror blocks the light so you see darkness in the shape of the creature you have drawn.
Learn more about the laws of reflection in this video (ages 8+).

Questions to Discuss
  • Can you make the creature on the wall bigger or smaller? How?

  • Why does it have to be dark for this activity to work?

  • Can you name some other animals that fly?

Further Activities
  • Draw another creature on the mirror and make it move around the room. If you have two mirrors you could have two creatures on the walls interacting.

  • Create a short play with your bird or creature as part of the performance.

  • Play with transformations using a double sided mirror. Draw one version of a creature or animal on one side and a transformed version on the other, e.g.: A caterpillar and a butterfly / an egg and a chick.

  • Research animals that fly – what is the heaviest species that flies? What is the lightest species that flies? How much do they weigh?

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