Meet Bhodi Hudson

August 4th, 2022

Hello I’m Bhodi. I’m currently in production of a new show called Home (which I’m pretty sure you know but just in case). I’ve been asked to answer some questions and give out some of my thoughts. I hope you’ll enjoy some of my takes and think about something I’ve left at the end. Anyways thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy. 😊

Tell us about your career so far.

So far my career has been a mixture of contemporary dance, with some stage performance. I have been working at a steady pace ever since 2017. I was part of a trio in the show Intimate Space, made by Restless Dance Theatre – this was my first ever role. I started with small, ensemble roles as I wasn’t experienced enough yet for bigger roles in projects – most of the time was spent training with Restless. In the middle of 2020 I began joining bigger projects with Restless, starting with Ecoute Pour Voir, and progressing through to being a tutor for one of Restless’ classes, to being an understudy for most of their upcoming projects.Exposed was when I stepped in as one of our dancers had an accident, so they asked if I could join them to fill that role. Right now, I’m part of Patch’s newest work, Home. Again as an understudy while also in the role of Assistant Stage Manager. There are some parts were you may see me on stage so keep your eye out! My career so far has given me respect to those who work hard at any creative arts for all the work and effort. The staff at Restless I especially respect for all of their help, laughter and work. I could never ask for a better company to work for.

For those who are wondering, my past works are: Intimate Space (Restless, 2017), Creating the Spectacle (Restless, 2018), Guttered (as a badge maker, not a performer – Restless, 2019), Restless tutor (2020), Ecoute Pour Voir (Restless, 2020, 2022), Exposed (Restless, 2022), Home (Patch & Restless 2022)

Bhodi in Exposed | Photo: Roy VanderVegt

Bhodi in Intimate Space | Photo: Shane Reid

Bhodi at one of his first Restless classes, 2016

Name three things you can’t travel/tour without?

1. Full water bottle. Probably the most important thing for me. I suffer heavy migraines and necklaces (should this be neck aches) and due to this I’m wearier when I don’t drink water. And when travelling from point A to B without many resources, you’re gonna need to be prepared.

2. My phone. This is mostly so I don’t get bored. I can get films songs or games on it, so I can at least have some entertainment during downtime when travelling long distances. I also don’t want anyone I know to worry ­– I take my phone everywhere with me in case of emergencies or concerns. Unfortunately, my battery for it is horrible, runs out faster than the average time cycle on a dishwasher – so I guess 2.5 if you count battery packs.

3. Headphones. This is more of a sensory thing if anything. I love music after a long day of work. It’s relaxing and comforting for me just hearing something I enjoy a lot. I don’t mind white noise, but it can get boring at times.

Image: Bhodi in Exposed | Photo: Roy Vandervegt

What has been the most memorable moment of making/rehearsing Home so far?

There’s quite a few to choose from but to me, it’s when I was first introduced to Patch. Me and other dancers were asked to show Patch some ideas and examples of what Home could be. It was really nice being introduced to everyone and to just talk about ideas for it. Me discussing with them is what led me to working for them. I give them full respect and gratitude for giving me this opportunity on that day, all this because I just had a nice chat with them.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?

That’s a tough one, as of now I don’t have strong desires on moving or relocating. The best I could say is maybe Japan. I love the culture, style, movies and food. I’ve only been there once but I’ve enjoyed my time there greatly. Maybe in the future me and a few friends can visit again after COVID is long gone and restrictions are lifted. 

Bhodi with Home cast Zoë and Charlie

What’s something, or somewhere, you love about your home?

I’m gonna sound a bit sappy, but honestly it’s my family. Regardless of how I’ll feel in any situation we’re in, I always look forward to seeing them again. Mum being caring while helping me out with work and life tasks; Dad being light-hearted and always cracking a smile; my brother helping me out in dire situations (thank you) and giving me his own opinion on hard thoughts and takes. And, of course, my two big loveable dogs. Basically think of the saddest looking thing but give him a gentle giant personality – that’s my first dog. While the other…he ate a ceramic bird one time. That’s my other dog haha.

Image: Bhodi’s dogs

Note from me

In many ways it’s interesting how we as a species work. We all have our own views, differences, and personalities, all the while working in a cog-like fashion. But when we clash with each other there’s two separate ways it goes – the positive and negative. As of me writing this, I was in the negative, being annoyed, frustrated. But it’s only when calming down that I realised that, it was just anger. It was just a series of unfortunate events and no one was at fault. With me acknowledging the situation, it reminded me how we say things we may regret. It felt awful remembering my thoughts at the time and it made me wonder how we all in a way have that hidden demon waiting to come out for a fight. When someone challenges us, for good or bad, sometimes we just want to defend ourselves. But when we explode at someone who didn’t wish ill intent, it breaks both us and them, even if we may not know it. Because of this, I’ll leave this recommendation to those who read this: You’re not alone. People would love to hear you out. Whether for comfort, ideas, excitement etc. it’s a wonderful just feeling a connection. People can do horrible things, there’s no denying it. But there’s always someone out there who will support you and will respect you. Everyone deserves someone like that in their life.

Best of wishes – Bhodi Hudson

Home premieres to families this August at Adelaide Festival Centre and Hopgood Theatre, Noarlunga – find out more and book tickets here.

Bhodi in Home (inside spacesuit) Photo: Matt Byrne