Meet Charlie Wilkins

August 29th, 2022

Charlie is a dancer, performer, and champion swimmer. He is currently on a regional SA tour of Home, by Restless Dance Theatre and Patch Theatre. We spoke to Charlie about his performing career and other passions.

Charlie and his family

Charlie with his dog Barney

Charlie with his gold medal for swimming

What do you like about your home?

I like my home because I spend time with family and friends and have good times with them, having good times with them outside, doing outside things. And I love my dog Barney and give him lots of hugs.

What do you love about being on stage?

I like to say it gives me the opportunity to shine and I get to share our work with new audiences. Here at Restless and Patch we work so hard together, eating healthy food. Zoë is a great dancer, we all have a great time together. Zoë makes us feel happy and makes us laugh. We feel like we are at home as one big happy family.

Have you travelled overseas?

Yes – I’ve been to a lot of countries with my family, and I went to Abi Dhabi and won a gold medal for swimming. And I couldn’t believe my mum cried – that was a very historic moment of my life.

Image: Charlie in Home | Photo: Matt Byrne.

What do you love more – dancing or swimming?

Oh I’m going to say I like both, I can’t say which… Swimming gives me energy and keeps me fit. Dancing helps me get better with my technique, and I love getting together with my Restless friends.

I love Restless, we prepare our Restless shows between warmup, dance rehearsals and performances of Guttered, Seeing Through Darkness, Exposed and Ecoute Pour Voir. They are very good shows. I love hearing the comments from the audiences and seeing our work on Instagram.

What is your favourite Broadway musical?

My favourite musical is… I can’t choose, it’s hard – there are lots of good musical out there. I will choose Les Misérables. That’s my number one pick. It’s got great opera singers, they are good at acting, dancing, and singing – they are a triple threat!
They work so hard in the musical they deserve a break to go out for a big party after their shows.

Image: Charlie in Exposed | Photo: Roy Vandervegt.

Home is currently touring regional SA – find out more and book school tickets here.