Meet Jacinta

November 26th, 2020
Image: Jacinta preparing props for Me & My Shadow, 2020

A child at heart, Jacinta has been working in the arts industry since 2015. Particularly passionate about making theatre magic she has floated between Stage Management, Production Administration and is so excited to be a member of the Patch team in Tour/Stage Management.

What drew you to a career in the arts?

I always like to say that my private Cirque De Sole shows (that I would perform to my family on my backyard jungle gym) were what really cemented my passion for the arts, but choosing it as a career happened by luck and chance. I applied to a stage management course on a whim, got in and have loved it ever since.

Tell us about your career highlights thus far

I’m privileged to have worked on so many amazing projects and events. After finishing university, I was a secondment student for Sydney Festival, Adelaide Festival and Dragone’s permanent show The House of Dancing Water in Macau and then moving on to work with Adelaide Festival from 2017 to 2020 whilst getting to tour Patch’s Cranky Bear and Me & My Shadow.

My career highlights so far include flying 25 metres in the air across a pool of water in rigging/aerial training for Dragone, going on my first national tour (with the beautiful show Me & My Shadow) and, given I am such a fan of the festive season, working on the Adelaide Christmas Pageant.

Image: Adelaide Christmas Pageant

Image: Giant ball pit at Sydney Festival

Image: Jacinta on the set of Me & My Shadow

Image: Jacinta at the GIANT pineapple

If you could work on any live performance (past or current) what would it be?

One of my favourite shows I’ve ever seen was SpongeBob the Musical on Broadway and even though it’s closed now it would be a dream to work on it.

What do you love most about children’s theatre?

I love the arts because I love bringing theatre magic to life and what better place to do that than in children’s theatre. It’s never just about creating a show, it’s about creating a memory and selling magic to arguably one of the hardest audiences (who will tell you if they don’t like the show).

What is your favourite Patch memory?

It’s so hard to narrow down my favourite Patch memory as the tours I’ve had and teams I’ve worked with have been so brilliant. I think I would have to go with getting to visit The Big Pineapple in Queensland, best detour EVER!