Meet Hither & Yon's Malcolm Leask

June 1st, 2023

Hither & Yon Director Malcolm Leask and his family – wife Kelly and children Eli and Abel – are enthusiastic and generous supporters of Patch Theatre. We spoke to Malcolm about all things wine, Patch and family.

Malcolm and family

Hither & Yon is a beautiful McLaren Vale wine label with family at its core. Tell us a bit about the family behind the iconic South Australian label.

The Leask's have been growing here in McLaren Vale since 1980, when our Mum and Dad acquired our first bit of land here, after moving from the Hunter Valley in NSW. That farm was mixed, with vines, almonds, olives, citrus and grazing. Thinking back to this and now, we have always had this diversity and desire to be different. In particular, this led us to our passion for the environment and our commitment to local community. My brother Richard and I are fortunate to have grown up here and we are try to improve it every day for the future. The Leask clan is originally from the Orkney Islands in far north Scotland, so we kind of have this wild nature in the blood I think!

Hither & Yon are active supporters of the arts. What drew you to supporting creative industries, particularly Patch Theatre?

We believe Hither & Yon is an artisan product, sometimes we don't even think of it as wine, just purely something grown and made by our own land and hand. Our labels are designed by artists chosen to portray our story of the wine, and I have gained great respect for them. This collaboration with artists organically led us to the local creative sector. Initially music as this is something we love, and a glass of wine always can help the mood! Then we just kept meeting great people who are just as devoted as we are to our craft, and we wanted to give back to those who also support us, and have fun with it. So, we are proud partners of Patch, The Mill, SALA, and Adelaide Fringe to name a few. 

In 2022 Hither & Yon hand crafted a small batch of Cabernet Sauvignon, including a commemorative label, to celebrate Patch's 50th anniversary. Tell us about the delicious wine inside the special bottle.

This was a wonderful little project, given the 50 years, we thought it was fitting to make a classic variety from older vines, but also fresh and fun inspired by the Patch ethos and label – not easy! Two blocks and parcels of Cabernet were chosen. Firstly, from our home Sand Road vineyard in McLaren Vale, which is an Italian clone, bringing the spicy crunch and herbaceous notes. Secondly, from our Hillenvale vineyard in McLaren Vale, which is a French clone, providing the luscious black fruit and forest floor depth to the wine. Both batches work in harmony with each other to create a delicious Cabernet – find a big glass and some local cheese, friends and enjoy!

Eli and Abel at Patch's 50th

Patch's 50th Cabernet Sauvignon

Juliette and Yan at Patch

What is your favourite Patch show? Do your children agree?

We went over this at breakfast this morning. The boys love Patch! For me, I Wish… as it’s about seeking people’s special talents. Eli was mesmerised by ZOOOM as he is a pretty deep little adventurous soul, and Abel always remembers The Lighthouse as our first show, and he loves running around being a bit mad and science! The whole Hither & Yon team enjoy coming to the Patch events and shows. 

The Patch team has been lucky enough to visit the Cellar Door, tell us about the Hither & Yon cellar door experience.

Our wee shopfront in Willunga is a window into the brand, trying to bring a little slice of our wine country life into the High Street village. Inviting and inclusive it has a vintage feel and. importantly, a very light footprint with local materials and natural light. We like people just to sit and relax with a glass, we change the tasting list seasonally, and you can match that with food from the beautiful De Rose Kitchen next door. It’s a lovely private function event space so we welcome small groups, there’s even a wood oven and outdoor seating.

Patch team at Hither & Yon (2020)

Malcolm at Patch's 50th Birthday (2022)

Patch x Hither & Yon Cabernet Sauvignon is available for purchase for $25 with the full amount donated to Patch. Order by emailing us at and collect your wine from Patch Theatre HQ in Kent Town.

Was there ever an easier way to support Patch? We don't think so.