Mirror Mirror at WOMADelaide

March 20th, 2022

Mirror Mirror premiered at WOMADelaide 2022. We had a blast sharing this new installation with festival goers young and old – here are some of our favourite moments.

“It’s like a spaceship”

– Child

"An absolute winner with my little five and six year olds. I literally could not drag them out of there!"

Play & Go

“This is my dream”

– Child

Mirror Mirror meets Nylon Zoo Photo: Play & Go

Photo: Saige Prime

Photo: Play & Go

Mirror Mirror invited children and their families inside a giant disco ball dreamland, allowing them to explore angles and viewpoints of endless reflections. Geoff Cobham explains “Mirror Mirror is a breathtaking example of what happens when you combine multiple mirrors and light”.

The design was quite the exercise in geometry – 400 tessellating mirror triangles were secured with 1200 pop rivets to create an infinite reflection of many smiling faces at WOMADelaide.

“Wow, wow, wow”


“We can ask Santa for this”

– Child

“Wow, that was cool”

– Child

Photo: Saige Prime

Mirror Mirror meets Nylon Zoo

Mirror Mirror at night

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