Sea of Light

Paint a voyage in light

Embark on a journey of light and imagination in the illuminating interactive installation Sea of Light. With a UV torch as your paintbrush, paint and stencil your own voyage. Steer ships that leave glowing paths of light in their wake as you sail them across the sea floor. Sea of Light brings together magical light and a gentle soundscape to create a unique adventure for the whole family.

Originally designed for the inaugural Illuminate Adelaide and Art Gallery of South Australia to complement the exhibition, Dušan and Voitre Marek: Surrealists at sea, each iteration of Sea of Light is reimagined to echo the collection of the host museum or gallery.

“Today was our second visit... it won’t be our last!” Linda, mother
All Ages
Interactive Installation
40 Minutes

Upcoming Dates

DreamBIG Children's Festival
School Groups Book
Tasmania – Ten Days on the Island
“Just magical! ✨” Emma, mother


Geoff Cobham Creator
Michelle 'Maddog' Delaney Creator
Wendy Todd Boat Maker
Seana O'Brien Fabric Wizard
Jason Sweeney Composor
Elizabeth Close Visual Artist


Light Painting Create stunning artworks with lights and a phone.
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Australia (2023) DreamBIG Children's Festival, SA
Australia (2022) Sydney Festival, Australian National Maritime Museum, NSW
Inland Sea of Sound Festival, Bathurst Memorial Entertainment Centre, NSW
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, TAS
Premiere Season (2021) Art Gallery of South Australia, SA


The touring of this interactive installation work would not be possible without our partners The original Sea of Light was commissioned by the Art Gallery of South Australia and Illuminate Adelaide in 2021.