Spark: Glow & Tell

An interactive light-filled storytelling adventure.

Blending the magic of light and simplicity of storytelling, students are placed at the centre of this engaging interactive experience. Using UV light, in a custom-built tent, the classroom is transformed into an intimate performance space, where stories and imagined worlds come alive as glowing drawings appear on the walls and floor. Following the performance, students are invited to create and illustrate their own stories in glowing UV light.

There are two versions of Glow & Tell, created by artists Edgell Junior Edgell and Evyenia Stefanidis – each version shares a unique story exploring themes of family and culture.


Spark is a series of portable, interactive arts experiences, designed in collaboration with artists to provide innovative creative learning opportunities in schools. 

Spark in-school workshops bring the magic of theatre straight to the classroom. From storytelling to scavenger hunts, performance provocations and dazzling light and technology-based learning, Spark inspires and engages students, sparking creativity while providing a live performance experience and innovative hands-on activities.

“"They loved hearing about Edgell's life and experiences and were filled with wonder at the way he was able to tell his stories with pictures drawn on the floor and tent."” Teacher
30 mins

Available Year-Round

Unfortunately there are no upcoming dates.
South Australian Schools – Classroom Visits
Term 4 2023 Book
Terms 1–4 2024 Book


Evyenia Stefanidis Creator / Performer
Edgell Junior Edgell Creator / Performer
Kerry Reid Creator
Geoff Cobham Creator
Michelle 'Maddog' Delaney Creator


Glow & Tell Education Resource Printable PDF including curriculum links, classroom activities, discussion questions and more.
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Delivering Spark in schools across regional SA is made possible thanks to funding from the Department for Education and the generous support of FWH Foundation, Lang Foundation, and an anonymous foundation.