A Piece of Dark

About the dark

To facilitate an interactive theatre experience at ZOOOM, we ask children to bring their own piece of dark to the theatre which will be exchanged for a source of light in the foyer.

We recommend discussing light and dark with children before asking them to think about how to create or find some dark to bring. A good book that serves as an introduction to the dark is The Dark by Lemony Snicket – here is an introduction to light and dark including a reading of the book.

In the past children have done the following, but we love to be surprised by any interpretation of the simple request to "Bring a piece of Dark"

  • Colour in a small piece of paper black

  • Capture some darkness in a small box and tape it shut

  • Paint the inside of a small jar black and close the lid

  • Make creatures that can see in the dark.. bats, owls etc

  • Make telescopes that look at the dark

  • Find a small piece of dark material

Give children some time and some craft materials to help them create their "piece of dark” or send them on a search for the dark, and let their imagination go wild!

Don’t forget to bring your dark to the theatre!

Meet the Keeper of the Dark

The keeper of the dark requests that you bring a piece of dark to the theatre on your trip to see ZOOOM.

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