Meet Patch Star Tim Overton

September 18th, 2020

We spoke to Patch actor Tim Overton about Me & My Shadow, Patch memories and superpowers.

Tim Overton is a South Australian maker, performer and director, and is stoked to be working with Patch, once again, on My & My Shadow. Tim toured around the world with Patch, in this show, and others, including Emily Loves To BounceMr McGee and the Biting Flea and Cranky Bear. Over the years Tim has also enjoyed working with some other great South Australian companies such as Windmill, Slingsby and the State Theatre Company.

Tell us about your role in Me & My Shadow

In the show I play the mischievous magical shadow and friend of the other character.

What do you love most about being an actor?

One of the things I love most about being an actor is that my work is always changing and new. I get to meet some many incredible people and travel to amazing parts of the world on tours!

What are your 2020 Me & My Shadow tour highlights so far?

I have LOVED the audiences being able to get back into the theatre and have fun with us! They have been so charming and vocal and energetic when they respond to the show and we've LOVED hearing their excellent comments. One of my favourites was from an audience member who, during a cool magical moment, was so amazed they called out, "Tell me your secrets!". That was cool.

Name three things you can’t travel/tour without.

  1. I can't go anywhere without my little portable speaker. I love having music all around.

  2. I will always travel with some card games if I can. I love hanging out with the rest of the team and playing games.

  3. Recently I've started taking my yoga mat everywhere too! It’s been great to keep up with my exercise and mindfulness on tour

If you could have a superpower what would it be?

I always wanted to be able to fly, that would be the best. But more recently I've thought it would be cool to be able to turn old rubbish into something new and useful, like food or clothes or something like that.

You have such a long history of working with Patch Theatre – could you share some of your favourite Patch memories?

I'm SO lucky to have been able to work for Patch for over ten years now! I've worked on six different shows, more tours than I can count and performed for tens of thousands of kids all over the world and it has all been an incredible highlight of my career! Being on Broadway in New York city with Me & My Shadow was brilliant! Last year I directed a production of Mr McGee and the Biting Flea in Wellington in New Zealand. I loved being a part of the creative teams for both Little Green Tractor and Cranky Bear and making some fun new shows for the company from scratch! It's all been so amazing – it's hard to pick the best moments!

Image: Tim in Me & My Shadow 2020

Image: Tim and Sarah in Cleveland to perform Me & My Shadow, 2013

Tim and Sarah at a Q&A after Me & My Shadow New York, 2013