Top Tips for a Trip to the Theatre

August 5th, 2022

Before the Show

Build some excitement

Count down the days until your trip to the theatre with an advent calendar or by marking the days off a calendar.

Discuss the show you are booked in to see – read the blurb together or look at photos of the show and ask some questions – ‘What does the show look like it will be about?’ ‘How many performers are in the show?’ ‘Does it look happy? Funny? Sad?’

Try some activities
Try some of our show specific activities. Coming to see Home? Children can colour in a giant snail, draw a surprise behind a door and learn to say welcome in many languages. Or, if ZOOOM is in your diary, children can find a piece of dark to bring to the theatre, create a galaxy in a jar or a CD rainbow. 

Theatre chat
If it’s your child’s first time at the theatre have a chat about what a live performance is – there will be performers on stage, dressed in costumes, to share stories, that the audience will sit and watch. It can be hard for children to understand that live theatre is different to a movie, but if they don’t understand the concept before, they will know what theatre is after the show!