Sea of Light Learning Activities

Bring Sea of Light to the classroom (or the loungeroom) with these activities and resources.


Light Painting

Try a different kind of light painting and create stunning photographic artworks with lights and a phone

Timelapse videos

Timelapse videos are a clever way to quickly show something that takes a much longer time in real life. You may have seen short timelapse videos of plants growing over many months or years, or artists creating fantastic works of art over several hours.

Create a timelapse video

You can create your own timelapse video with a tablet or phone.
Think of something that takes a long time to do…

  • building a cubby

  • drawing or colouring a picture

  • making a Lego creation

Find the timelapse function on the tablet or phone camera (or ask to download an app if there isn’t one).

Set up the camera in a safe and secure space with a clear view of your activity, press record - and do your thing!

Timelapse maths

Watch the Sea of Light timelapse video created by Matt Byrne.

  • How long is this video?

  • How long do you think it took to film this video in real time?

Make an estimate of the timelapse speed by dividing your guess at the real time (in seconds) by the video length (also in seconds).


Real time = 45 minutes
x 60 = 2700 seconds

Video length = 1.21 minutes
x 60 = 81 seconds

2700 / 81 = 33.3333333

… so if our guess is correct, this video is more than 30 times faster than real time! Is this faster or slower than you would have guessed?

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