ZOOM is a captivating story of a child alone in her bedroom, unable to sleep and curious to understand. She begins a transformational journey with light and discovers that the dark is a magical space.  

Adventures happen and with the assistance of the audience the girl discovers a community of people who can help her solve problems. Part music video, part dream, ZOOM is a show about all sorts of perspective.  


Inspired by iconic children’s’ book "Harold and The Purple Crayon,” Zoom channels the same philosophy; a child who makes sense of their world through art. The show is driven by the power of ‘child logic’, combined with the magic of science.  


Using original music, lasers and projections, the performance takes the audience on an immersive journey. We unpack the science of animation from pixel to line to animation, as miniature worlds are blown up to be larger than life.   

 ZOOM begins at home or in the classroom, as we invite our audience to bring a piece of dark to the show. They arrive and their dark is exchanged for their own personal light – a little spark that will keep them safe and help guide them through the interactive sessions of the show.


For 4-8 Year Olds

23 July – 6 Sept 2019

45 Minutes

Theatre Performance



Geoff Cobham
Dave Brown
Roz Hervey

Jason Sweeney

Michelle Delaney

Technical Designer
Chris Petridis

Technical Intern
Alexander Hatchard
(Carclew Fellowship)


Temeka Lawlor
Angus Leighton



2019 Premiere Season
Adelaide and SA Tour.

For Presenters

A selection of show information and marketing resources are available for presenters to download as PDFs for planning purposes.




The touring of ZOOM would not have been possible without our partners.